Tips to Protect Your Mental Health as a Business Owner

“Mental health is not a destination but a process; it’s about how you drive, not where you’re going.” - Noam Shpancer, PhD

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There is no doubt that being a business owner is stressful. The constant demand of your business, your workers, clients, and commitment to success can often come at the expense of your mental health. However, to be an effective leader, it is vital to ensure your well-being is a priority. So, today, we want to discuss some tips to help protect your mental health as a business owner. 

A recent study found that 46 percent of small business owners feel that stress and mental health are impacting the success of their business, and 50 percent report that these issues are affecting the success of their business. 

Tips to protect your mental health 

As an entrepreneur, it is critical to have strategies in place to help manage stress and maintain a healthy mind: 

Set boundaries 

Since running a business can take up a significant amount of time and energy, establishing boundaries is key to your mental health. Therefore, be sure to set specific times for your working hours, and when that time has ended, prioritize your life outside of your business.  

It is also important to ensure you aren’t overworking yourself. Don’t be afraid to say no to things or to others that you know will drain you of your energy, rather than instilling joy and fulfillment. This can be hard to do, but it is key to focus on what is beneficial to your mental health and avoid what is detrimental to your overall well-being.  

Remember, you are only one person, and you can’t be expected to do everything and anything! This is where having a team you can rely on plays an important role. You can trust to delegate tasks to others and know that you have surrounded yourself with people you value and respect to get the job done. 

Connect with others 

Mental health suffers when people feel alone and isolated. As a business owner, you may often feel like you exist on an island by yourself. By connecting with other business owners, and like-minded professionals, you will receive an immense amount of support and resources that can help you succeed as a business owner.  

When you develop relationships with other entrepreneurs, you create a safe and encouraging network where you can exchange ideas, share feedback, and ask for advice when needed. Through shared experiences, you will develop a bond that can help you further along in your business journey. 

Acknowledge your feelings 

It can be challenging to acknowledge how you are feeling, but in doing so you will be better able to work through your emotions. Understanding what your triggers are, and what is causing your anxiety, stress, or overwhelm will help you to better manage your mental health. Depending on what you are experiencing, you might want to consider meditation, exercise, unplugging from technology, or seeking help from a professional.  

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness! Your business and your team will only benefit by allowing yourself to seek out people or resources that can assist you and help navigate your feelings. 

By surrounding yourself with supportive individuals, understanding your emotions, and setting boundaries, you are more likely to foster a positive mind set, and protect your mental health, allowing you space to become a more effective business leader. 

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