Why Every Business Owner Should Network

"Succeeding in business is all about making connections.“ -Richard Branson


For some, it comes naturally and for others it is hard work. Whether you are a seasoned professional, with an immense amount of networking experience, or are new to the game and aren’t even sure where to start, networking has significant benefits to your business, and to you as a leader and entrepreneur.  

So, today, let’s talk about why every business owner should network! 

Sharing knowledge 

As a business owner, you have a plethora of knowledge to share with others. With that, other professionals also have valuable insights, expertise, and experiences to share as well. When you network with likeminded professionals, you open yourself up to opportunities where you can learn from others, while also helping educate others. It is also beneficial to have a group of people you can count on to brainstorm, share ideas, and converse about business decisions. 

When you have a strong network, you will also stay up to date with industry trends. This is an advantage as you can stay informed about what is happening, and what you might need to adjust. Having some “insider information” may also give you a leg up against your competitors. 

Business opportunities 

As you expand your network and connect with different people from a variety of industries, new business opportunities are likely to arise. One of the key parts of BNI is providing valuable referrals to people you trust and value. In some cases, without the power of networking, you might never have crossed paths with people who have now become your biggest supporters. In turn, this allows you to refer your clients, or customers, to people who you know will provide excellent service. 

“In the case of B2B, people are four times more likely to purchase a solution from someone they know themselves or their friends recommended.”


Confidence booster 

As we mentioned, networking comes very naturally to some people. However, for others, it can be a challenge to put yourself out there and insert yourself into social situations. For those who are more introverted, networking can help you overcome some of the fears associated with working a room. The more you expose yourself to it, the better (and easier) it will become.  

For seasoned networkers, you know all too well the thrill of making valuable connections and can continue to thrive both personally and professionally by meeting others. 

Increase visibility 

The more you get your name, brand, and business out there, the more you will stay top of mind for people. When you make connections built on trust and respect, people know they can count on you to help the people they serve. Attending events throughout the year, allows you to meet people from many different industries, where you can expand your visibility and credibility. The more people who know about you, and your business, the more likely you are to gain loyal customers, partners, and opportunities. 

These are just some of the ways why every business should network! Most importantly, networking will lead to long lasting relationships that expand past the walls of your business. So, put yourself out there, and start growing your connections today. 

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