The Value of BNI

“BNI has taught me how to network and speak in front of groups of people - skills I’ve applied to other areas of my professional life.” - Jason Hofley

Delegates networking during coffee break at conference

If you have been following us on LinkedIn, you have likely seen “BNI Grows My Business” posts from our members. A common theme throughout these stories includes the relationships built and the power of networking with other businesspeople. There is incredible value being a part of BNI, and it can provide a variety of potential benefits for business professionals. Today, we would like to chat about some of the key aspects of being a member of BNI. 


One of the key pillars of BNI is networking among members. In many instances, you will be connected to people you may not otherwise meet. Being a member of BNI allows you access to a diverse group of people, from a plethora of industries. Some of these industries will directly correlate to your business, while others give you the chance to learn and educate yourself on industries you might be less familiar with.  

One thing is certain, the relationships you build within BNI often become long lasting friendships that expand much further than the walls of your BNI chapter. In connecting with others, you grow your network, which ultimately creates a variety of unique business opportunities.

“BNI is not only about referrals. BNI has taught me how to network and speak in front of groups of people – skills I’ve applied to other areas of my professional life. It is also a community of like-minded professionals who provide mentorship for people in all stages of business.”

Jason Hofley, Punchcard Systems 


Working hand in hand with networking, generating referrals is a major focus for BNI and its members. Members are actively referring business to one another and seeking ways to build their business, as well as the business of others. This mutual understanding is based on trust, respect, and encouragement.  

The success of each member is celebrated, and members grow stronger by working closely with one another. BNI members expand their business by generating quality referrals, which leads to new clients and business growth. 

Growth and Development 

Since members meet with people from many industries, who provide educational resources and presentations regularly, you experience both personal and professional growth. Sharing expertise among one another provides insights to business topics you may not know much about.

“I joined BNI when I was a new business owner in 2018. I have been a member since then, and it is more than just referrals – I have gained valuable business knowledge and public speaking skills.”

May Crain, Blooms by May 

Networking with like-minded entrepreneurs also allows the opportunity to benefit from seasoned professionals. This, in turn, can lead to mentorship or coaching, providing priceless value. 


BNI is a wonderful way to build your brand and increase your visibility. Participating in meetings and events helps members to expand their business by sharing expertise and skills with others. BNI also allows you to establish yourself as a trusted professional within your industry. People are more likely to recommend your services to others and speak highly of the work that you provide when they know you, your profession, and your business ethic. 

“One of the essential elements, which appealed to me, was the positive attitude of BNI members. Not only in a BNI context, but also when interacting with my clients. I greatly appreciate the support of BNI chapter members.”

John Richards, Richards Insurance Adjusters Ltd. 

You get out of BNI what you put in. Therefore, the more involved and engaged you are in your chapter, the more successful you will be. The time you invest in building your network and making genuine connections will pay off in ways you may not have imagined. If you would like to attend a meeting and see for yourself what BNI has to offer, reach out to a chapter near you today! We look forward to meeting you. 

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