Four Networking Behavioral Styles

“Networking is more about farming than it is about hunting.” -Ivan Misner

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Have you ever walked into a networking event and wondered how you will leave the event with meaningful connections? In today’s blog, we want to discuss four networking behavioural styles and how these styles drive who you are. In understanding a person’s predominant behavioural style, you will be better equipped to build stronger working relationships with potential partners. 

When you attend networking functions, you are presumably walking into a room full of business–but only if you can identify the behavior styles of the people and react appropriately.  

Let’s discuss the four main networking behavioral styles as described by Ivan Misner.

Four Behavioural Styles 

The Go-Getter 

Meet the hustler. Go-getters are results oriented, fast paced, impatient, and have a get it done now attitude. They attend networking events to gain new business, and to meet successful businesspeople. They aren’t afraid to bend the rules, are confident and persistent in seeking out opportunities to connect with others. They may not mean to, but can appear aloof, and are quick to initiate conversations to actively generate referrals. 

The Promoter 

Meet the supporter. Promoters are an active encourager and are always attempting to sell or popularize someone or something. They are energetic, love to be on the go, and have a natural ability to connect with people. They attend networking events to meet new people, and to catch up with friends and connections. They would rather be meeting with clients over lunch than sitting in an office. Promoters are idea people with big dreams who often can get others excited about their vision. 

The Nurturer 

Meet the helper. Nurturers pride themselves on building trust and deep connections with people. They give tender care and protection and are always willing to help people grow. Nurturers are patient, kind, understanding and talented listeners. These individuals focus on building long lasting relationships and when at networking events, they seek to further cultivate these connections and deepen relationships. They are relaxed, approachable, and great team players. 

The Examiner 

Meet the investigator. Examiners inspect and analyze people and situations. These individuals are very thorough and efficient. They are task driven people, who seek evidence and require all the necessary information to make a decision. They are thoughtful when networking, as they always want to understand the needs of those they are speaking with, and how they can add value. Examiners are excellent conversationalists as they have a vast knowledge on many topics. 

It is important to note that most people are a mixture of all four styles. However, one tends to be more prominent than the others.  

Once you gain a better understanding of the four types of styles, you will be more equipped to recognize what category people fall into. This is important because it will help you adapt and complement their style. Also, knowing your own personal style will allow you to build stronger working relationships.  

When you consider the four behavioural types in relation to networking, which one best describes your style? We would love for you to find us on LinkedIn and share which one you are, and how you have learned to recognize the styles of others.

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