Building Trust in Business Relationships

"Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships." -Stephen Covey

Building trust

If you have been reading our blogs, you have noticed the key role networking plays in BNI (Business Network International), and in business. To cultivate strong business relationships that lead to referrals and business growth, it is imperative to build trust. While some relationships will grow quickly, others may take more time to nourish. The important thing to remember is to find ways to genuinely connect and foster the bond with care and patience.

Today, let us chat about some ways you can foster this important principle in your relationships you form as a member of BNI.

In Episode 242 of the BNI Podcast, one of the key takeaways is how trust can put you nine steps ahead of a ten-step process; “People need to trust both your character and your competence. Competence is in greater supply than character, so your character has great economic value.”

Follow the “Know, Like, Trust” principle

BNI chapters are built on a solid foundation of trust. One of the key principles of BNI is the concept of “Know, Like, Trust.” This is where members seek to achieve these three points before they refer business. When people feel this way about you, they will seek out your services. You will also stay top of mind, helping your business flourish with quality referrals.

People are more likely to do business with individuals they like and have a strong connection with. So, by taking the time and effort to get to know others, being likable and approachable will benefit your professional efforts.

Show you are consistent and reliable

Being an active participant in BNI helps to build reliability in relationships. Therefore, it is important to be consistent in attending BNI meetings, following up on referrals, and staying true to your word. Be sure to solidify trust by honouring your commitments and offer valuable feedback and advice when asked. Nothing breaks down a relationship more than being unreliable or not following through with promises.

Be the person others seek because they know you can be trusted by them, and by their clients.

Encourage open and honest communication

Communication is key to any relationship. This is especially true for BNI members. Be honest in your interactions with others, acknowledge your strengths as well as your weaknesses and be open to learning and growing with the help of others.

Be sure to show interest in the contributions of everyone and be an engaged participant in your interactions. Communication and listening to others play a key role in in successfully establishing trust between you and those you meet.

Take a genuine interest in others

If you ask any BNI member, they will tell you about the wonderful friendships they have built within BNI. Build deeper connections by making the effort to get to know others on a personal level. This will strengthen the trust in your relationship, growing your network even further. Take a genuine interest in the other person, focusing on their needs, wants, and goals and you will find you create stronger bonds with people. In doing so, you will discover shared experiences which will build lasting friendships that extend the walls of your BNI chapter.

Prioritizing trust in your relationships will be beneficial to you, and others.

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