The Impact of Supporting a Small Business

“When you support a small business, you support a dream.” - Anonymous

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Being an entrepreneur is both amazing, and extremely challenging. It is a tremendous feat to see your dream come to fruition, and living your dream is an incredible accomplishment. Of course, small businesses thrive from the support of those around them. From community members to family and friends, support (in many forms) is vital to their success. So, today, we thought we would discuss the impact of supporting a small business. 

Stimulates the economy 

When you shop locally, or support local, you are directly giving back to your community. Rather than shopping at big box chains, shopping or receiving services from small businesses stimulates the economy and, as a result, benefits your local area. They also provide employment opportunities for their residents, giving them the opportunity to work locally. 

Give back to the community 

Many small businesses are actively involved in their local community. They are so appreciative of the support and often look for ways in which they can give back to others.  

“Small businesses donate 250% more than big businesses to local charities, youth organizations, and other nonprofits.” 

Small business owners create opportunities to contribute to causes that have larger community impacts. From local charities to youth organizations and service groups, they take pride in giving back and providing support to those often overlooked. 

Top notch customer service 

Entrepreneurs understand the importance of their clients and patrons. With that understanding, they strive to provide the best service possible. Since every purchase, deal, or positive review is immensely valuable, owners care about each and every person that walks through their doors. Their success relies heavily on the satisfaction of others. With a vast knowledge of what they do, and the services they provide, small business owners can offer expertise when needed. This means that, as the customer or client, you will receive quality support. 

Small business owners, and their team, take the time to get to know their clients and customers, which makes for a more personal, and enjoyable experience.  

How can you support local? 

There are many ways in which you can support a small local business. The most obvious way to support them is to hire a company for services, or purchase items or goods. However, there are other ways to help as well.  

Here are few examples: 

  • Tag or shout out small business owners on social media. 
  • Leave a positive review on a public forum. 
  • Recommend a small business to friends, family, or colleagues. 
  • Support them online by following their pages, commenting on posts, or subscribing to newsletters. 
  • Celebrate their accomplishments and support their efforts. 

If you are a small business owner, how have you received support from others? If you aren’t a small business owner, how have you helped encourage their efforts? Find us on LinkedIn and share your comments! 

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