Summer Lovin’ Small Businesses

"Small businesses are the heart of the community, and when we support them, we're supporting our neighbors, friends, and family." -Unknown

Supporting local businesses during the summer can have a significant positive impact on your community. Discover ways to celebrate your local businesses and entrepreneurs you support. 

Boost your community 

Many local businesses experience either an increase in business or find it to be a slower time of the year. Help boost your local economy by supporting small businesses during their seasonal slump. Attend some community events and Farmer’s Markets where you will be exposed to local vendors and businesses.  

Become a tourist in your own city  

Take in sights and businesses you might overlook as a resident. Rather than spending your hard-earned cash at big box chains, consider putting your dollars back into the community and to the people you know and value.  

Celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit  

Small businesses are run by individuals who love what they do and are passionate about the services and products they provide. By supporting them, you boost morale and encourage their entrepreneurial spirit. Every time you make a purchase, or utilize the services from a small business, we guarantee the owner does a happy dance (something you likely won’t see at big box stores!).  

Small businesses provide excellent customer service 

Since these businesses are locally owned and operated, they have a vested interest in the community and the people who walk through their doors. You can typically expect to receive excellent service, and work with people who are willing to go above and beyond. When you have an issue or need to ask a question, there will be a friendly face or voice on the other side of the conversation.  

How can you support local businesses this summer?  

  • Shop local: take some time to research businesses in your area, including boutiques and markets happening in your community. Markets and festivals are a great place to support local artists and craftspeople, while also finding unique gifts for the special people in your life. It also gives you an opportunity to network with others and build a valuable connection you otherwise would have missed.  
  • Spread the love: One of the easiest ways to promote a small business is through word of mouth. Recommend local shops and businesses to friends and family based on your own experiences. You can also utilize social media to share posts, write positive reviews, and engage with their content to help boost visibility.  
  • Offer services: Do you have a small business you love?  Do you have knowledge or expertise that could help them grow or succeed further? Consider offering your skills and knowledge to showcase your support.  

This summer, keep those small businesses that you adore in mind! When engaging with others who might be looking for a specific gift or service, be sure to recommend your fellow entrepreneurs.  

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